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RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län’s board

Helena CarlssonHelena Carlsson


I think it’s important with an open society where everybody can live the way they want to, where everybody have the same rights and responsibilities. To achieve that I believe it is important to reach out with education and information to everybody in society. That way you can create understanding and respect between people.

It’s important that all people are met in a positive and inclusive way in their everyday lives. That’s why it’s important that people have knowledge and tools to treat everybody they meet impartially and with thought.

Through commitment and joy, the branch’s work can move forward.

Foto på Lena

Lena Engman


I want to work for everybody being able to be who they are and being met in the same way.

Foto på Katrin

Katrin Lidberg 

Vice president & Secretary

I want to work for a positive change at the level of the individual, on an organizational level and in society. I see a future where all people can be themselves and live their lives openly.

I’m passionate about the supportive work and want to help provide safe meeting places, contexts and community.

Foto på SarahSarah Gullbjörk


Sarah is a member of the board.

Foto på Johanna

Johanna Nordblad Sirkka


Johanna is a member of the board.

The nominating committee

At the moment, the branch doesn’t have a nominating committee. Notice of interest of positions of responsibility can be sent to:

At the annual meeting a board, accountants and nominating committee will be appointed by all members present.