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RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län was awarded Luleå municipality’s yearly scholarship for safety work of the year 2014.

The work that is being awarded is the festival Luleå Pride, which had then been arranged for two years in a row. The price ceremony took place on Monday January 27 in sessionssalen in Luleå town hall. It was held in connection with the 150 year celebration of the city council. There to accept the award were board member Helena Carlsson and activity leaders Linda Moestam and Sophie Gunnarsson. All three were happy and moved:

– This is a great award that we’re very proud of, says Helena Carlsson.
– The work has just begun and will continue, says Linda Moestam.

The scholarship is 5 000 SEK and for that money RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län will invite a lecturer to talk on the theme of safety and LGBTQ. The idea is that the lecture will be open to everyone, regardless of if you’re a member of RFSL.

– That is how we think about Luleå Pride. The festival is free and open for everybody. To remove boundaries and create a festival in the middle of the city without fencing creates safety. To be awarded for this shows that people appreciate what we do, says Sophie Gunnarsson.

The motivation for safety work of the year 2013 is:

“The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights, RFSL i Luleå och norra Norrbotten, have contributed to increased knowledge about LGBTQ people’s living conditions and rights. By organizing two pride festivals in Luleå, the branch has shown that Luleå takes a stand for human rights and has made it possible for the inhabitants of Luleå to take part in the manifestations. RFSL i Luleå och norra Norrbotten have also done trainings and many organisations in Luleå are now LGBTQ certified. RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbotten has, through their work, shown that Luleå is open for people with different sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. That is work done for a safer Luleå.”

Apart from RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län Fredrik Larsson was awarded intervention of the year, and Peter Backman public health work of the year. The award winners had been chosen by a jury consisting of, among others, the police and the municipality. They have chosen the winners based on the public’s nominations.