LGBTQ Certification


Since 2008 RFSL offers LGBTQ certification, which means that its being made visible that an organisation works strategically to offer a good working environment for employees and a respectful reception of patients/clients from an LGBTQ perspective.

In order for trust to be built it takes more than just competency. It needs to be visible that the competence is there. Through RFSL’s LGBTQ certification an organisation doesn’t only get knowledge and tools for its work, the certification also signals that systematic work is being done. In that way the certification is a tool in making the work visible.

RFSL has a long experience of working with training in all areas of society. By adding a process perspective to the work it now becomes possible to increase the LGBTQ competency of our clients. It’s also possible for our clients to use their knowledge in their external work towards patients/clients in a clearer way.


The certification work entails an undertaking where an agreed upon implementation plan, including training and other internal development work, should be followed. The realization of the plan is expected to take about 6-8 months and in order for the certification to be issued the following criteria need to be met:

1. All of the client’s employees should have a level of knowledge corresponding to a basic training in LGBTQ issues and specialization according to the plan. (The training plan is executed during the planning stage.)

2. The client should, based on knowledge gained, actively and continuously work to create an open and inclusive working environment from an LGBTQ perspective.

3.The client should, based on knowledge gained, actively and continuously work to create a welcoming and respectful reception of patients/clients from an LGBTQ perspective.

4. The client should have an elaborate and well established plan for how the attitude work around LGBTQ issues – internally regarding employees and externally with patients/clients – should be continued after the training is finished, and a documented plan to handle complaints/discrimination cases etc.

5. During the certification period: The client should conduct a quality check according to the agreed upon plan.

The certificate is valid for two years. After that there is a follow-up, a so called “re-certification” for renewal of the certificate for an additional two years.

Certified organisations

92 % of those who have participated in a certification process would recommend LGBTQ certification to others!

“During the LGBTQ training we have tackled many preconceptions and gotten a new approach.”

Certified organisations

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