School information


RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län offer information lectures for schools!


The school informations is manly for students in högstadie- and gymnasie-schools, but the information can also be given to other youth groups if they are in the same age range.

The information give the students the opportunity to become aware of and question norms, get information and ask questions. Through the school informations a dialog is opened, which can be an important part of creating an including place for every student and make it easier for LGBTQI+ youths to be open about themselves.

In a school information from RFSL wwe talk about:

LGBTQIA+ what is that?
Norms and their consequenses
Gender, cis and trans
Sexual orentation
Swedish LGBTQIA+history

Every school information is held by two persons who have been to a special education at the national union of RFSL.