School information

RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län offers information lectures for school classes!

The school information lectures are mainly for students in high school (högstadiet) and upper secondary school (gymnasiet) or ages from 13 and older, but the lectures can be given to other youth groups around the same age range, and the information can be adjusted accordingly.

The information lectures offers the students a unique opportunity to become aware of and question the norms in society. They information and can ask RFSL questions few others can answer. Throughout the information lectures, an informative dialog is opened, which can be an important part of creating an including place for every student and make it easier for LGBTQIA+ youths to be open about themselves.

In a school information lecture from RFSL we talk about:

– LGBTQIA+ what is that?
– Norms and their consequenses
– Gender, cis and trans
– Sexual orentation
– Swedish LGBTQIA+history

Every school information lecture is held by two educators who have been trained by the National Office of the RFSL Federation.

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