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RFSL Luleå and norra Norrbotten’s county organize different events on a yearly basis.

Luleå PrideLuleå Pride LP logga_logo_utan_datum_utan_år_CMYK_JPEG

Luleå Pride was held for the first time in 2012, between Friday June 15th 2012 and Sunday June 17th 2012. It was an amazing party with many nice happenings and fantastic people!

Luleå Pride 2013 was held June 14-16.

Luleå Pride 2014 was held June 13-15.

Luleå Pride 2015 was held June 12-14.

Luleå Pride 2016 was held June 17-19.

Luleå Pride 2017 was held June 16-18.

Luleå Pride on Ice was held 2018 March 10.

Luleå Pride 2018 was held June 15-17.

Luleå Pride 2019 was held June 14-16.

Luleå Pride 2020 was held September 14-20.

Luleå Pride 2021 will be August 23-29.

Boden Queer Filmfestival

Boden Queer Filmfestival
2015 the first queer film festival was held in Norrbotten in central Boden!

BQF 2016 was held October 14-16.

BQF 2017 was held October 13-15.

BQF 2018 was held November 24.

BQF 2019 was held November 23.

BQF 2020 was held February 21-22:a.

RegnbågsdagenRegnbågsdagen logga

Regnbågsdagen is a day of education that contains different lectures, panel debates and other items such as film showing and performances.

Regnbågsdagen is open to everybody but is mainly aimed at politicians and the business sector. The aim is to increase the knowledge of LGBTQ issues in the county and contribute to an increased motivation to keep working with these issues.

Regnbågsdagen was first held in 2011 in Luleå and has since then been on tour with different themes:

2011: October 28 at Kulturens hus, Luleå, theme: “How can we in Norrbotten work to become an even more attractive region to live in?”

2012: November 16 in Överkalix, theme: “Better health for all”

2013: November 29 at Kulturens Hus, Luleå, theme: “A better reception throughout life”

2014: November 14 at Björknäsgymnasiet, Boden, theme: “Identity”

2015: December 11 at Ebeneser, Luleå, theme: “Outside world – LGBTQ, anti racism and asylum”

2016: December 15 at Björknäsgymnasiet, Boden theme: ”Get space! – Treatment for everyone”.

2017: November 24 at Regionhuset, Luleå and at Gällivare sjukhus (live from Luleå), theme: “Make place to grow: LGBTQ perspective when you work with children and youth.”

2018: November 29 at Regionhuset, Luleå or live directly to your computer, theme: “My health! Societys work for LGBTQI persons own knowledge about their own health.”

2019: October in Luleå, theme: “Do you exclude? – LGBTQI+ and non-discrimination at work”

2020: September 18, digital, theme: “Transinclusive work for gender equality”