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School information

RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län offer information lectures for schools!   The school informations is manly for students in högstadie- and gymnasie-schools, but the information can also be given to other youth groups if they are in the same age range. The information give the students the opportunity to become aware of…


RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län can contribute with the knowledge that is needed. We offer you the possibility to…

LGBTQ Certification

RFSL offers LGBTQ certification since 2008.

An LGBTQ certification means making visible that an organisation is working strategically to offer a good working environment for employees and a respectful reception of patients/clients from an LGBTQ perspective.

For questions about trainings, LGBTQ certification and prices, contact RFSL’s National Office at: utbildning@rfsl.se.