Become a member

The National Office of RFSL and RFSL Youth handles all memberships. To become a member you can visit their website, but you can also become a member at any of the activities or gatherings organized by RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län.

If you are or will turn 25 years old or younger, you have the possibility to become a member via our youth association’s RFSL Ungdom’s National Association (ungdomsförbund) website. Your membership is then free. Make sure to tick the box “I also want to become a member of RFSL.” to also become a member of RFSL Luleå och norra Norrbottens län.

If you are or will turn 26 this year or older, you can become a member via the RFSL’s National Association (förbund) website. The membership fee is 100 SEK.

You can also become a member by taking part at one of our membership activities or if you stop by our office and we are there. Talk to one of the elected representatives or employees who are on site!

A few reasons to become a member

  • As a member you take a stand for LGBTQIA people’s rights
  • You help enabelling RFSL’s work locally, nationally and internationally
  • Each member means a stronger voice and -muscle for RFSL to make a difference
  • As a member you will be updated on LGBTQIA issues
  • RFSL is met with a strong resistance from homophobic, transphobic and biphobic forces both in Sweden and the world – We need more friends who take a stand!
  • As a member you will get access to meeting spaces, places and other events both locally and nationally
  • By getting involved you can also influence RFSL

As a member you enable the work RFSL carries out

  • School information & educational initiatives, such as Rainbow Day, and HIV projects
  • Events, such as Luleå Pride, and the Boden Queer Film Festival
  • Gatherings – both member meetings and open meetings, eg Newcomers
  • Councelling and Supporting activities
  • Political influence work

You can read more about which activities are available locally under “Activities” and “Calendar“.